Introduction: Freezing Order / Distraint Order

If your debtor refuses to pay, a distraint order or freezing order to seize his property is a way to enforce or secure payment.

Definition: Distraint order / freezing order

A distraint order is used to secure assets of a debtor and render them for liquidation in order to satisfy a creditor.

This page contains information on the subject of freezing orders / distraint orders in Switzerland:

» Terminology: enforcement proceedings, seizure of assets, distraint order, etc.

» Differentiation: distraint orders – debt enforcement

» Prerequisites: due claim, grounds, object of distraint order

» Procedures: motion for distraint, content of distraint order, execution, etc.

Legal foundation:

The Swiss federal code of Debt enforcement and recovery (SchKG) contains rules governing distraint orders / freezing orders.

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